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    Celebrating 20 years of being in the furniture business is certainly a good enough reason for us to share another new range of covetable furniture pieces to hit the show room floors this week. Sisters, or Zusters if you’re Dutch,  Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel, have followed pretty closely in their cabinet maker fathers footsteps since the 1994 launch of furniture brand Zuster.

    Having created a signature style that encompasses care, craftsmanship and a genuine passion for both brand and business, Managing Director Fleur Sibbel defines the Zuster aesthetic as an extension of her very own lifestyle.

    “Zuster isn’t just a furniture brand; it’s a way of life. I design for the way I like to live – a vision of clean simplicity and sharing moments with those that are most important to me.” explains Sibbel.

    With the Australian manufactured and designed Tribute Collection having been designed as a, well… tribute…to previous collections and favourite design pieces much loved by Wilhelmina over the years, we can guarantee that there is something in the range for every modern day home to enjoy.

    W21 Tribute Pastel 746x533

    W21 Tribute Grey 746x533

    W21 Tribute Natural 746x533

    W21 Tribute Style Black 746x533


    W21 Tribute Red Geometric 746x533

    W21 Tribute Red Coffee Table 746x533

    W21 Tribute Table 746x533


    W21 Tribute Gold 746x533

    W21 Tribute MArble 746x533

    W21 Tribute Couch 746x533

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Mike Baker | STYLING: Bree Leech


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